WordPress Explained: Beginner’s Guide

  • It is easy to install in the hosting panel.
  • It is user-friendly and for beginners also.
  • Plugins help to increase your website’s functionalities.
  • Themes offer multiple options for the specialized niche you selected for example if you want to make an eCommerce website you can use the woo-commerce theme.
  • WordPress is well optimized for SEO matters means it is SEO friendly.
  • Support for WordPress- There are many people in the WordPress community or forums to get help with the problems you are facing. you find out the community by doing a search typing WordPress community.
  • It has ready-made themes and templates for designing.
  • There are some vulnerabilities but do not worry about them I will be telling about that as well in the webinar and also I would mention that I am using WordPress so do not worry.
  • You can do customizations with your website but still, you do not have the full control to design a website.
  • You have to check for updates available for WordPress and the plugins you installed periodically as it needs frequent updates.
  • Do not install random plugins just research on that and then install it.
  • It can be an expensive option not in the initial stage but later on when you want to stand out.
  • You are dependent on the plugins for additional features required because not all plugins are free. In the free version of plugins, you will have the basic features but if you want to have all the functionality of that particular plugin you have to purchase it.
  • Plugins are reliable
  • It gives few flexibilities and adds features to the website
  • It saves time while building a website
  • Not every plugin is good. Doi research first.
  • It may slow down the website
  • If you download and install similar kinds of plugins they may conflict with each other.
  • You have to be careful which choosing a plugin
  • You can check the reviews on the internet
  • Check the features based on paid and free wares
  • Check whether the plugins are ignored, or you can say blacklisted




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